Thursday, March 31, 2011

Olive the Owl

Olive by simplykellyb
 One of my followers suggested a blog and I am so glad I looked at it! I found an amazingly creative site brimming full of great ideas and projects. I, too, suggest you take a stroll over and look for yourself. Her template for Olive the Owl can be purchased for $4 (pattern is emailed). This first photo is from her website. Olive swept me off my feet with cuteness and jealousy (got to make one now!). I bought the template and went to work. *Warning: Olive is large at about 2 feet long and addicting. I already have plans to make 9 more!
Below are 2 other owls: Olivia and Oliver.
I made Olivia with a vintage feel and my creative partner in crime, Mallory, created Oliver to hang in a boys room. Each owl is unique and fun. I love them all! Can't wait to finish the other 9. I am preparing for a boutique April 22nd (more details to come). If you don't want to create one for yourself, you are welcome to stop by my booth and purchase one.

Visit this link for ideas and to purchase the owl template:

Olivia by Tabatha

Oliver by Mallory

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday 'Minders

Just a few quick reminders for this week:

This is the last week to enter to win the cute Sophia layout showcased at the beginning of the month. Search "contest" to find the details and picture of the layout. Good luck!

Also, I will be placing an order this Wednesday March 30th and invite you to join me! As a 'thank you' I am offering FREE shipping. Combine this deal with CTMH's Block Party for additional savings. (Purchase $25 in stamps and choose a FREE acrylic block 3x3 or 2x6 1/2). Order and payment must be received by 7 p.m. March 30th to qualify for FREE shipping. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Layouts: Mayberry

Here are 2 of 6 layouts made from the Mayberry paper packet (x7136, $12.95). Layouts also include the Kraft Color Ready borders (z1377, $5.95) and Pewter mini medley accents collections (z1243, $4.95). All 3 can be found on my "favorites" list. From summertime activities to beachy vacations, this paper collection is a must have! Watch for the other 4 layouts to be shared this week. P.S. You can make all 6 layouts as shown with supplies to spare for $26.80! Wowsers! Attend a workshop or schedule your own.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tutorial: 3D Pop up Balloon card

I was recently directed to a blog titled Valita's Fresh Folds.  She has a cute balloon card she got from another source.  I thought I'd make a smaller version to fit in a standard 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" envelope and share it with you!

 First, let me show you what I came up with for the outside of the card.  I cut strips of leftover paper using the same colors as the balloons on the inside of the card.  (I love using up scraps!)  The colored strips were mounted with foam tape to add visual interest.  A simple stamp from the "Card Chatter--Birthday" stamp set, inked in black, finished the front.  But let's get to the card base and the inside----the really fun part!

Begin with a 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" piece of cardstock.  Score at 4 1/4", 4 3/4", 5 1/4", 5 3/4", and 6 1/4".

Fold  your cardstock: Mountain, valley, mountain, valley, mountain.  Notice how the folds stack together in your hand, as if you were starting to make a paper fan from your childhood.  Lay the paper back out on the table and add a strip of Tacky Tape to the inside of the last two score lines.  Remove the pink backing and refold the card base.

Flip the card open to the inside.  You will see that two folded strips have formed in the middle.  Add a strip of Tacky Tape to the inside of both strips like this.

Remove the pink backing.  Add your balloons, cutting the acetate at varying lengths to make some balloons appear higher than other ones.  After adding your balloons, pinch the two folds together to sandwich the balloons neatly in between.


I used my Cricut cartridge "Celebrations" to cut out the balloons, using paper from the local Michael's.  Why not CTMH paper?  I had twenty cards worth of balloons to create and decided to make good use of paper from my pre-CTMH days.

1/8" strips of acetate were sandwiched between two balloon cutouts to create one clean-looking balloon.  (If you don't have acetate, re-purpose food packaging to achieve the same look.)
Photos & directions shared by Brenda F. another talented CTMH consultant. Thanks for the awesome idea!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Promotion: Free Acrylix block

Build your collection with a FREE acrylix block! Simply purchase $25 minimum in stamps and then choose a FREE block....3x3 or 2x6 1/2. Yippee for FREE!

For the best value, choose an A- and C-sized stamp set. I am so excited for this offer and will be getting Eclectic Edges (C1450, pg. 93) and A Tulip (A1111, pg. 55). Look for artwork soon.

Available for the month of March. Contact me to place an order or shop online.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Technique: Kraft Color-Ready Borders in Action

Spotlight: Caring for your Acrylix Stamps and Blocks

Caring for your CTMH Acrylix Stamps and Blocks is easy. These products of superior quality and are made to last. The following are handy tips on how to clean them.

You will want to clean your stamps right after you have stamped your images. Using the CTMH stamp scruber and cleaner makes this task easy.

Simply spritz a little cleaner onto the raised side of the stamp scrubber. With your stamp still on the block, gently rub your stamp over the damp scrubber. (I like to use little circular motions.) Then, rub your stamp over the dry side of the scrubber to finish. Peel off your stamp and return it to its storage sheet.

You can gently rub your empty block across the stamp scrubber (if your srubber is pretty clean) to clean and dry it, too--before storing it away for another day. CTMH offers a microfiber cloth to help dry your acrylix blocks. I recommend purchasing one of these, as it will help leave your blocks scratch-less and lint-free. Many digital cameras come standard with the same type of cloth. These are also acceptable to use.

About the stamp scrubber: It doesn't cost very much and does such a great job cleaning the stamps! Well, let me just say the purchase was so worth it. I simply remember to rinse the scrubber under warm water when it needs it--as, with use, a little build-up can occur.

Now, back to the CTMH Acrylix Stamps. Over time, they may lose a little of their sticky-ness. This is perfectly normal. When this happens, use a colander from your kitchen (don't want to lose any down the drain) and warm water and a drop of dish soap to rinse your stamps. Then, leave the stamps in the colander to air dry. After they are dry, return the stamps to their storage sheet for future use.

Occasionally your stamps may require extra care. This doesn't happen often and I will be happy to give you tips on how to do this. A quick visit to my website and you can drop me an email. I'll get back with you promptly.

I hope this helps you enjoy your CTMH Acrylix products for years and years to come!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mayberry Cards

These happy spring cards were shared by another consultant, Donna. I love the focus on the yellow print from the Mayberry paper pack by CTMH. You can't help but feel happy and smile when receiving these cards.

Birdhouse stamp set from office
Natural Hemp #z280 $2.25
Mayberry Workshop Kit #G1022 $29.95
Includes- exclusive stamp set
Mayberry level 2 paper packet
Canvas Badge Buttons
Workshop Guide (full color with cutting directions)

Create 3D Paper Flowers

To make one flower you will need five paper flowers. Put one aside for the base. Do the following to each of the remaining four flowers - fold them in half (it really doesn't matter if you fold them fronts together or backs together), take two petals on the right side and fold them over to the front, take the two petals on the left side and fold them over towards the back. After all four flowers are folded, use liquid glass or a hot glue gun and adhere them to the center of the base flower - and you are done. Happy Creating!

Unfortunately, this tube of CTMH paper flowers is no longer available. I have loved these for awhile and stock piled them when CTMH announced their retirement. Currently, CTMH offers the white flower shown in a new collection (product #z1300 for $5.95) or you can find similar flowers at your local scrapbook store.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Event Calendar

Looking for a great gift for mom or grandma? Or even for yourself?? This fun perpetual calendar will make sure you don't forget a birthday or celebrate the wrong date....don't laugh it has happened to me. Mark the date once. Celebrate it every year! So much easier than re-marking a new calendar every year.

Purchase the Event Calendar for $8.95 and add a bit of your creativity for the month's topper. Here is a bit of inspiration. Since the space is 3x3....this project is perfect for scraps of papers.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Catalog

So excited about the new Spring catalog from Close to my Heart (CTMH)! 132 pages of artwork, new product, embellishments and stamps. On the cover...the Sophia paper packet. Adorable!!

All the products inside are available until July 31st. View the catalog online at or contact me for a free copy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Contest: Win this "Sophia" layout

I already love this paper pack...with its sunny and happy designs. I am also learning that I love the color pink! Who knew?...after so many years of fighting against it...Pink, you win! I love you!

Here is the best news: Leave a comment and you will be entered into a drawing to win this layout! Yippee! Even better...If you win, so does your CTMH consultant. She will also win this homemade layout. (only applies to my team members) 2 winners! Double Yippee!!

Contest runs until March 31st. I will contact you for your address if you win and the name of your CTMH consultant. Best wishes to all of you! The winner will also be posted here April joke! :)